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repeatability tests car parts assembly line

The Project Scope

FTT is an automation company that builds manufacturing systems and assembly lines for the automotive and aviation industries. As part of a new installation, several repeatability tests needed to be conducted in order to ensure the quality of the manufactured parts at each stage of the assembly lines. A total of 13 stages involving 5 different assembly lines needed to be tested. The parts being manufactured adhered to a 6 sigma manufacturing process. Six sigma is a disciplined data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects by driving toward six standard deviations between the mean and the specification limit. This level of manufacturing quality required the implementation of high precision equipment and a fine developed testing methodology.

acquip performance

ACQUIP developed a testing strategy to accurately and efficiently measure each stage by implementing the latest technology in CMM laser measurements, the FARO Laser Tracker. The versatility of the equipment and testing procedure allowed ACQUIP to perform all of the repeatability tests in a matter of days allowing the plant to runs its scheduled production.


ACQUIP’s experience and versatile laser tracker consider minimized the testing process. The test turnaround time and reported results were so significantly reduced that the assembly line did not fall behind in production; consequently saving time and resources during the process.

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