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ACQUIP’s measurement engineers and data analyst specialists have a broad knowledge in the use and applications of 3D technologies. Our team is also efficient in operating 3D software packages; we deliver 3D models and cost-efficient measurement solutions according to your project needs. ACQUIP’s metrology services are applied in a diversity kind of applications, for different industries such as power generation, mining, aerospace, wind power, petrochemical, marine and heavy machinery among others.

Taking advantage of the new and state-of–the-art 3D equipment for instance, the extremely accurate and reliable coordinate measuring machine (cmm) the FARO Laser Tracker, we can provide high speed dynamic measurements and range you need to complete tasks efficiently, this allows you to streamline your process and gain confidence in the final results.


ACQUIP’s metrology services benefits:
  • 3D Advanced Technology
  • Long range for easy measurement of large rotating equipment
  • Highly accurate to provide dependable results
  • Eliminates rework, which means cost-effective processes
kinary calibration acquip

The laser measurement process is perfect to quickly measure machine foundations. In the past, flatness measuring on large surface areas required extensive work hours to guarantee precise recordings. Nowadays, flatness laser measuring instruments can provide fast and highly accurate flatness calculations on any large surface. These methods are best for turbine horizontal joints, machine beds, heat exchangers, and many other machined surfaces. Learn More


Constantly, you can find in many industries huge challenging measurement tasks. sometimes, this tasks needs to be completed in a crucial time-frame. Our 3D measurement tools and team of engineers provide you the speed you need to a chivied your goals. whether it is for heavy equipment or large parts.


Machine & Robot re-calibration service will allow you, and your plant production to identify and correct calibration issues in your machines, reducing your downtime and minimizing out of tolerance and low quality parts. Repeatability test are required to confirm and evaluate the final product to be built with the highest standards in the industry. these repeatability test also provide information about any defects or issues that could affect the integrity of the product.


Faro laser tracker cmm machines provide easy solutions to measure GD&T (Geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing) applications. This generates proper trend analysis of distortion and other changes in machine’s operation or parts for inspection purposes. Using the Laser Tracker measurements we can compare complex surfaces against CAD models to analyze data and provide information for surface deviations, part form and make sure all parts are within the tolerance required.

If you need additional equipment for your project, we also provide 3D measurement Rentals click here. For more information about our metrology services contact us at +1 305 538 7101 or email us at

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