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Rotalign Systems makes a quantum leap in alignment functionality and ease of use!

Rotalign Touch

Rotalign Touch currently the most advanced generation of the Rotalign series is also the first cloud-base Laser Alignment System, which includes the best of the SENSALIGN™ laser sensor and intelliSWEEP measurement Technology, with additional new features that integrate mobile connectivity. For instance: the new Alignment Reliability Center software 4.0. that allow you to send work orders via cloud to your mobile Rotalign Touch, after measurements are completed the Rotalign will send the data back to the software for analysis and reporting. This feature will enable to get access valuable information within minutes from anywhere.
The amazing new touchscreen will give your alignment experience the feeling of using a tablet or smartphone and the integrated camera makes easier documenting job tasks on-site.
Rent your Rotalign Touch from ACQUIP, for more information please contact us at or call us at +1 855 ACQUIP1

Rotalign Touch at a glance:

• Table/Smartphone feel-like intuitive 3D Touchscreen
• Built in Mobile Connectivity: RFID, WIFI, Bluetooth and Camera
• High measurement quality with intelliSWEEP, intelliPASS and intelliPOINT
• ALIGNMENT RELIABILITY SOFTWARE 4.0 software with cloud data transfer
• Simultanous Live Move mode, now enhanced with an acoustic move assistant to guide you to the correct alignment
• Speech recognition
• Durability tough industrial housing (IP65)
• RFID Save, retrieve and track alignment condition of individual assets over time

rotalign ultra is

Rotalign Ultra IS one of the most advanced generation of Rotalign Ultra which consists of the SENSALIGN™ laser sensor, an intelligent system that provides unlimited accuracy for machinery alignment measurements, and all the features from Rotalign Ultra as well as the new mode for vibration analysis (machine and environmental vibration monitoring). As result, a complete alignment system with high-end technology.
Rent your Rotalign Ultra IS from ACQUIP, for more information please contact us at or call us at +1 855 ACQUIP1

Rotalign Ultra IS at a glance:

Real time quality by intelliSWEEPTM
Always precise, accurate and repeatable
7-parameter sensor with High Definition PSD, XXL detector
Any amount of misalignment can be easily handled
Built-in vibration measurement
Measure machine vibration before, during and after alignment, no need for additional hardware
Environmental vibration monitoring
Accurate shaft alignment under vibrating condition
Precision built-in inclinometer through MEMS
Used for backlash detection
Communication to the sensor through the laser beam
sensALIGNTM laser information readily available
Integrated class 1 Bluetooth®
Wireless communication without additional accessories
Rechargeable battery with latest LiPo technology and intelligent power management
Long runtime without memory effect

rotalign ultra

Rotalign Ultra® system is the 3rd Generation of the Rotalign series. This cutting-edge system possesses a large color display, concise navigation, a customary data editor, and a customized menu operated user interface.
Rotalign Ultra is making shaft alignment procedures understandable and straightforward to utilize. It offers an innovative combination of features that can handle most shaft alignment applications in an elegant and ergonomically manner. Rent your Rotalign Systems from ACQUIP.

Rotalign Ultra at a glance:

• Ultra-modern computer design
• Scratch-proof color screen with backlight
• Concise navigation supported by a global index and context menu
• Hard keys for data entry and predictive text for word completion
• USB connection for peripheral devices: PC, printer, and memory stick
• Built-in wireless communication facility
• Adjustable hand grips
• Intelligent power supply management
• Uses both rechargeable and/or disposable batteries
• Patented single beam technology and 5-axis detector
• Flexibility of measurement modes for the application at hand
• Enhanced measurement table and history
• Machine train alignment
• Soft foot expertise
• Thermal growth computation

rotalign pro

Rotalign Pro® is a professional laser shaft alignment tool equipped to handle an even broader range of unique alignment situations. This instrument has a significantly expanded memory that offers room for entirely modern types of measurement tasks.
The customized machine sets, professional graphic “look and feel” and incorporated expert assistance deliver accurate interpretation at an ease and convenient handling of results. Rent your Rotalign Systems from ACQUIP.

The Rotalign Pro is capable of performing shaft alignment tasks that:

• Aligns horizontal and vertical machines.
• Aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts.
• Aligns entire trains of up to 6 machines.
• Aligns cardan shafts.
• ISO-compliant traceable results.
• Easiest operation ever.
• Measures straightness.
• Explorer software for PC.

Check out rotalign touch video demo

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