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Verify thermal growth specifications

Permalign System: Verify Thermal Growth Specifications

Permalign utilizes laser optics to continuously maintain a watchful eye on shaft alignment during machine operation, notifying the operator if tolerances are exceeded. It can monitor the relative movement of a machine or other couple machines and provide numerical data, graphics, and plot curves of the machine study.

Easy-to-use Permalign PC software lets you use the system to verify thermal growth specifications of machines with unsurpassed accuracy – and with less effort than you might have thought possible. Rent your permalign system from ACQUIP now. Contact us at +1 855 ACQUIP1 or email us at to get your free estimate.

Permalign provides continuous alignment monitoring, as well as:

• Continuous monitoring of shaft alignment and displacement
• Can be mounted on any machine
• Measuring up to 16 mm of horizontal and vertical machine displacement
• Intrinsic safety
• Thermal Growth Study
• Monitor dynamic movements using the user-friendly ALIGNMENT CENTER interface
• Allows accurate measurement at distances (parallel & angular movement) up to 30 ft.