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ACQUIP knows the unique challenges that face the Marine & Shipbuilding Industry. Shipyards are not like any other worksite. You need to be aware of all the activity going on around you and you have to be able to operate in small awkward spaces. We have experience on the rotating equipment that only exist in the marine and shipbuilding are. We know the process for adjusting anti-vibration mounts, using load cells and referencing cutlass bearings.

Our past work position ACQUIP to be successful for marine applications. We have performed work on cruise ships, tugboats, bulkers, yachts while at sea and in dry dock. We are ready to respond to a range of applications:

you can depend on acquip for:

We are ready to travel anywhere in the world to provide our expertise and support your needs. Contact us at +1 305 538 7101 /

why choose us?

The services we provide are focused on staying off the critical path and keeping within tolerance.

Our Clients have come to depend us for saving time without compromising safety and efficiency.

Our Field Service Engineers have years of experience applying fundamental principles to uncommon applications.

We can evaluate your problem and develop a solution.

We travel worldwide for both your planned outages and last-minute emergencies.

We know you don’t have time and you need this solved. We will work to understand what your expectations are, and then satisfy them.

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