ACQUIP Marine has experienced alignment service team who can tackle the most complex rotating and geometrical alignment jobs. A dedicated ACQUIP Marine alignment engineer will help you to locate the possible issue inside your engine and fix it.

Whether the problem is misaligned cardan shafts, stern tubes, or vibration matters; we have the solution. With ACQUIP, you can support your maintenance staff to assist them with installation and machine alignment processes. Also, our 3D scanning and CAD modeling services can provide you efficient solutions for retrofits, assembly and design verifications at the building dock.

ACQUIP provides services for different components inside your marine equipment. From complete machine alignment efficiently to perform 3d measuring from scans to collect data and create a 3D modeling for BWT Retrofit, assembly or modifications inside the ship. We strive to assist you with the latest state-of-the-art technology available in the industry. Our engineers have extensive training and on-hands experience to get the best results.


ACQUIP Marine provide services to clients in the following areas:


ACQUIP knows the unique challenges that face the Marine & Shipbuilding Industry. Shipyards are not like any other worksite. You need to be aware of all the activity going on around you and you have to be able to operate in small awkward spaces. We have experience on the rotating equipment that only exist in the marine and shipbuilding are. We know the process for adjusting anti-vibration mounts, using load cells and referencing cutlass bearings.

Our past work position ACQUIP to be successful for marine applications. We have performed work on cruise ships, tugboats, bulkers, yachts while at sea and in dry dock.

cardan shaft LASER ALIGMENT

ACQUIP in order to complete the cardan shaft alignment, we keep on mind it is necessary the alignment of multiple components, but it had to be done quickly so the engine could return to operation. ACQUIP Marine, using highly accurate laser alignment systems is able to take 3d measurements in each coupling, and view the alignment as a whole.

We check the axial spacing of each cardan shaft as well as its positions and pedestal bearings to compare to the shaft arrangement drawing.It is important that the axial spacing is within tolerance as well as the angle that exists at each cardan shaft knuckle. This is critical to ensure smooth operation of the cardan shaft machine train.

stern tube gearbox alignment service

ACQUIP have found projects which is crucial to correct the alignment of the entire machine train including the stern tube to gearbox to main engine. A laser bore alignment and machine train alignment is the quickest way to return in service these engines.

ACQUIP Marine Alignment Engineers determine the misalignment of the stern tube and the corrections where it have to be moved. Then the gearbox is able to be aligned to the stern tube. Once this was aligned we can proceed to perform shaft alignment from the gearbox to main engine. This correction in the alignment ensured there would be no more vibration or bearing failure.

vibration analysis ships & naval equipment

If you have a high vibration issue, ACQUIP can perform a vibration analysis procedure which consist of checking each component inside your engine. Readings are taken in and out of the water to know if the components are in acceptable levels of vibration. This method is what we called Sea Trial.

Once the check procedure is done and the alignment if it is necessary performed, we re-check the tolerances so you can gain confidence in the final results.

anti-vibration mounts setting up for alignment

Anti vibration mounts pose a unique problem during alignment. Since they are made out of rubber the mounts have a certain amount of deflection associated with them for different times in there life span. Especially when the mounts are new they should be set high enough to account for the amount that they will deflect or creep for the first four hundred days. Each mount should be set to the exact same deflection before the alignment begins.

The mount deflection can usually be determined by checking the gap spacing between two points on the mount. If the mounts are not set correctly, the alignment position will change as soon as the machine is in operation.

3d scanning & metrology services

Using 3D scanning services and precision metrology ACQUIP enable you to documenting existing conditions of ships, vessels and tankers, make a 3D model of the part or environment, and design the retrofit needed to accomplish your team goals. Previous practices were time consuming and ended up in poor quality parts and incorrect fitting. As a result, companies had deal with costly rework.

3D Scanning services are a very important task for the shipbuilding industry. We are capable to perform 3D as-built conditions to the entire ship for further modifications or repairs. ACQUIP Marine also can complete 3D scanning of the ship at any stage to verify and compare the shipbuilding process against design requirements.

Using the laser tracker we provide metrology services that will enable you to inspect parts and components before, during and after installation. Additionally, 3D measurements can help you during the assembly of large parts.

case studies

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