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Thanks to ACQUIP’s experts’ deep knowledge of rotating equipment, we respond smartly and quickly to our customers’ needs

3D Specialized Measurements

  • Standard/Pedestal Elevation
  • Standard/Pedestal Levelness
  • Bearing Elevation and Dimensioning
  • Rotor Dimensioning/ Rotor Sag
  • Rotor to Cylinder Components Virtual Fit Up
  • Horizontal Joint Deviation
  • Virtual Shaft Alignment
  • Measure Complex Relationships On Site


  • Shorten Outage
  • Improve Workflow – Staying on Schedule
  • Less components need to go to machine shop
  • Find out if there is a problem before component is installed
  • Coupling alignment is done before rotor is installed
  • Improve Quality – Improving Safety

Over the years, we have worked on every conceivable type of industrial machine or component that requires laser machine alignment. Whether big or small, we have done it all from Foreign or Domestic, our experts will be there.

We provide laser machine alignment on reciprocating compressors, axial compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, wind turbines, drive shafts, diaphragms boiler feed pumps and many other industrial machines.

Our areas of expertise include:

…Our proprietary tooling and bracketing can be used while the compressor blades are installed or removed.

In addition, to laser machine alignment, we offer services in vibration analysis, Thermal Growth Analysis and Flatness/Levelness. Check out our services and rentals specialized for outages.

Emergency Laser Alignment

When mission critical assets go down, they may require emergency laser alignment to get the equipment up and running in a timely manner. ACQUIP will come to the rescue. Our teams of seasoned professionals are ready to jump on an airplane, helicopter or ship to get to where your problem is and immediately get to work to solve it.

Emergency laser alignment may be required for gas turbines, steam turbines, wind turbines, drive shafts, diaphragms, where down time is costly or just plain unacceptable. We have served just about every industry there is, so our experts will require little or no support on your part.

Our professionals come with our state-of-the-art equipment. They know the intricacies of the tools, thus speeding up the emergency laser alignment process while producing optimum results.

Contact ACQUIP for quick, reliable service, next time you need emergency laser alignment.

Optical Alignment Survey

An Optical Alignment Survey should be completed before your machines are aligned during running conditions.

Hot alignment checks, theoretical calculations, and manufacturer specifications are better than not considering any dynamic movement; but they do not tell you the whole story. Dynamic movement is due to a combination of thermal and torsion stresses introduced to the machine after start up. The only way to assess for how much these forces affect your machine is to measure them.

Actual thermal growths and movements can vary greatly from installation to installation. A movement study performed on an individual machine narrows in on the actual movement from a cold non-running condition to a hot running condition. Based on this data, the ideal cold shaft alignment is identified and substituted for the generic O.E. M. recommended alignment.

At ACQUIP, our technicians have worked with a wide variety of machines and they know how to accurately measure dynamic movement without damaging your machines.

In an optical alignment survey, reference points are installed on the machine cases, bearing housings or other points of interest.

A precise optical alignment survey is conducted to measure each individual data and point location referring to vertical and horizontal benchmarks, installed in the foundation and support structure of a building.

Data from a cold survey is compared to corresponding data from a hot survey. The movement observed is used to identify the ideal cold shaft alignment position.

The same optical measurement techniques may also be applied to movement surveys for other purposes such as foundation, settling, or piping movement.

Our Optical Alignment Survey facilitates maximum running efficiency and productivity.

Root-Cause Analysis

There are many ways that ACQUIP utilizes Root Cause Analysis to diagnose the root cause of your equipment failure.

• ACQUIP’s engineers can perform on-site or remote root cause analysis investigations for rotating equipment after a failure.
• ACQUIP can examine past vibration data alignment conditions balancing reports and establish the state of your machine before the failure occurred.
• ACQUIP can travel to your facility and collect our own data and combine it with other visual evidence and past reports to perform a Root Cause Analysis and determine the cause of your failure.

We will determine the cause of your equipment failure. This process is utilized to make sure our clients get proper compensation from insurance companies. Also, we will assist you in putting the machine back together. We guarantee your equipment will be put back together correctly, the first time, and get it back running as quickly as possible.

Thanks to ACQUIP’s experts’ deep knowledge of rotating equipment, we respond smartly and quickly to our customers’ needs, seeking to identify, predict issues, and offer solutions to improving the process and performance. ACQUIP’s Root Cause Analysis for rotation equipment will help ensure that failure can be avoided in the future. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in improving their process performance and conducting root cause analysis to prevent premature failure.

Laser Alignment Helpline Rely 365™

Do you need quick answers to your alignment questions? Call the alignment help line! Rely 365™, your direct connection to alignment answers!

ACQUIP, has experienced engineers available for all your alignment questions. The initial Helpline conversation is free, and may be all you need to resolve your problem. ACQUIP, IS THE ONE TO CALL FOR YOU’RE OFF SITE ALIGNMENT ENGINEERING SUPPORT!

I am sure you are wondering…how will this work for me? You take the reading. We do all the math.

You send us all the drawings and readings and one of our experienced alignment engineers will walk you through the procedure and perform all of the necessary calculations. We are the experts in alignment, let our engineers worry about the technical details to ensure proper alignment and your project engineer can worry about managing the project. With Rely 365™ you only pay for the alignment engineering support you are using!

Our alignment engineers have years of field experience with a wide array of alignments. We support callers from different industries!

Many of the questions posed to the Helpline staff can be answered in a matter of minutes while other questions may require full off-site services. Take full advantage of this valuable service!

Rely 365™ team are committed to helping you through your most demanding alignment challenges. For more information contact us and register online to get your card loaded with 4 hours of full off-site support. Call us at 1-855ACQUIP1 or +1 (305)538 7101 (24/7)

Jeff Burleson
Steel Related Technology

Working with ACQUIP on the job we had in Italy recently was the best experience I have had in this type situation. ACQUIP was very professional and the response time far exceeded my expectations. The rental equipment was in top shape and made it possible for us to take care of our customer in an emergency situation. We will look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you for your hard work.

David M. Casto
Regional Quality Engineer

ACQUIP’s engineers performed a great job for Siemens Energy . The Fluid Drive and Gearbox and Pump were all included in the task. Each component was aligned to “all” of Siemens procedures and specifications requested. The Siemens customer was very satisfied with the results of the alignment and process.

Owen O’Donnell
Furino and Sons Inc.
Project Manager

First I would like to thank you for your help. We need a piece of alignment equipment on site last minute do to a break down. ACQUIP responded to your request immediately, recommend the right tool for the job, and had the tool on site by 8:30 AM the following morning. Just outstanding customer service and support from the entire ACQUIP team.

Danny Hiner
Tamarack Aerospace Group
Metrology Engineer

ACQUIP was the best choice to rent the Laser Tracker. It speeded up the process! I will definitely come back on our next set of fixtures!

Don Haag
Reliable Turbine Services
Vice President of North Operations

I highly recommend ACQUIP for executing both Tops on/Tops off and Tops off Steam path alignments.