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24/7 tech support all year long

At ACQUIP, we believe blindly in the essential need due to the susceptibility of our industry and equipment failures, for a comprehensive Outage & Offsite solution, that supports you with your Industrial Rotating Equipment needs, in case of outages, misalignments or specialized measurements 24/7 hours a week, 365 days a year. Rely365™

What is Rely365™?
The Only Card, all The Credit Goes To You. Guarantee!

Rely365™ is an innovative product offered by ACQUIP Services. Leader in the Laser Alignment Services for Industrial Rotating Equipment like Gas & Steam Turbines, Compressors, Generators and Train Machine. With Rely365™ you and your company can rely on the most reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable Engineering Firm. We offer 24/7 tech support all year long. Our team can help you to review drawings and data, as well as guide you through every step related to Laser Alignment procedure.

3 Reasons:
  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworth
60 Minutes of full support per Hour:
  • Machine Train Alignment
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Internal Alignment
  • Turbine Alignment
  • Compressor Alignment
  • Pump Alignment
  • Being  able to remotely view your environment through Facetime, Skype or pictures
  • We can advise what readings need to be acquired
  • You send us the readings
  • We process and analyze the data
  •  Then advise on the next step
  •  You can leverage the experience and procedures from ACQUIP
How it works?

It’s Like Having a Complete Engineering Backup Office One Call Away. Safe and Convenient!

Become a Member through our website. Register Today and receive via mail your “Knowledgehood” Membership Card with a unique member number, which identifies you. In the meantime, you can call us if you need 24/7 Tech Support at +1305 538 7101 and provide your member number.

ACQUIP Services through RELY 365™ has experienced engineers available for your entire alignment questions.

ACQUIP Services through RELY 365™ Alignment Engineers will walk you inside the procedure. Our engineers will review your drawings and data, perform calculations and make recommendations.


Have an Alignment Question? More Than An Answer, We Will Walk You Through the Whole Process…

The ACQUIP Services Rely365™ KnowledgeHood Platform is one of the most dynamic solutions for your Industrial Rotating Equipment management, ensuring the maximum enhancement of maintenance experiences and guaranteeing total remote support service satisfaction.

The Rely365™ Helpline Platform is a dynamic human-centered platform comprised of 5 modular solutions in 5 major areas of expertise: Gas and Steam Turbine Alignment, Theoretical Tops On Alignment, Machine Train Alignment, and Dynamic Movement; to streamline your maintenance operations to save costs and enhance your remote support experience.

Gas Turbine Alignment FAQs

Yes. ACQUIP Engineers have extensive experience with GE Frame 7, GE Fame 5, GE Frame 6, GE Frame 9, GE LM2500, GE LM 6000, 501 Series, Pratt Whitney, and many other gas turbines.

Yes, often times we already have the drawings in house. If we don’t, there are generally accepted tolerances that can be employed to facilitate the alignment.

Yes, there are several methods that we can use to determine the accuracy of the data that is being recorded in the field.

Yes, ACQUIP RELY365 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We are working on an older Gas Turbine with lots of warping and slippage.

Yes, we often have to perform alignments on units that have been in service for a long time. We have several methods and checks to perform alignments on older gas turbines.


Yes, ACQUIP can advise for alignment on turbines with both Diaphragms and Blade Rings.

Yes, we can help move the bearings during the internal alignment and calculate new rotor position readings.

Yes, we can help you perform a machine train alignment and make the minimal moves possible.

Yes, we can help you determine if previous data is applicable and combine it with current readings.

Maybe, we can help determine the severity of the warping and create a best-fit alignment position.


Yes, it is an express or theoretical tops-on alignment. We can help you acquire the necessary data and calculate the tops-on position for you.

Yes, our Engineers can show you how to compensate for that. The top half of the turbine has already been shipped off sight.

Yes, you can compensate with the bottom half shell distortion and out of round alone.

No. The theoretical tops-on alignment will be close, but never as accurate as a true tops-on, tops-off alignment. It is only meant to save time by not having to put the top back on the turbine for internal measurements.

Bearing moves should not be affected unless the bearing exists in the middle of the turbine case. All bearings contained in their own standard should not be affected by not putting the top back on.


Yes, we will help you look at the alignment as a whole and guide you through the machine train alignment process.

Yes, this is often the case with a machine train alignment. We can show you how to work around it and still achieve an acceptable alignment.

This portion of the machine will have to be aligned uncoupled. Some surface deviation will be included in the alignment results, but this can be mitigated by rotating the opposing shaft.

Every machine in the train will be individually checked for soft foot. This will ensure there is no internal misalignment.

Yes and no. The same fundamentals of alignment procedure is employed for a machine train. The only difference is that when all the alignment readings are completed, the machine train is looked at as a whole before moves are determined. The basic order of alignment processes remains the same.

Thermal Growth / Vibration Analysis FAQs

Not really. It is better than not doing anything, but theoretical calculations, OEM targets, or a dynamic movement study is better.

Theoretical calculations use the “TxLxC” method. “T” is the the difference between the hot and cold temperature. “L” is the length between the shim plane and the center of the shaft. “C” is the constant of thermal expansion for the material of the machine casing.

These are the cold alignment targets given by the manufacturer of the equipment. Sometimes you will have a cold target from the driver and the driven because they are from two different manufactures. When this occurs, you will have to add them together to create a resultant target.

A dynamic movement study is the ideal way to create your cold alignment target. This is when you actually measure in real time the difference between the hot and cold operating conditions. This will tell how much your machine is actually moving. It is the best way to know your true alignment target.

Your coupling can accept some amount of misalignment, but will also transfer the energy created from the misalignment condition to the bearings and seals.

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