optalign smart rs5

Optalign Smart RS5 is the newer generation on Optalign Systems, its RS5 sensor contains two XL HD position-sensitive detectors and a MEMS inclinometer to precisely measure the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated. Optalign Smart RS5 3 keys to precision alignment allows a quick switch between the main functions during the alignment. Rent Optalign Systems from ACQUIP Now.

Optalign Smart RS5 standard features includes:

• 5-axis XL HD PSD
• Precision Built-in inclinometer
• Ambient light compensation
• 2-axis straightness application
• Faster data transmission
• Laser and sensor battery status warning
• Longer laser and sensor runtime
• Bluetooth module
• Checking the effects of pipe strain on machine
• InfiniRange® extends detector measurement range to handle any amount
of misalignment
• Automatic evaluation of alignment condition with TolChek® and user-defined
• Automatic continuous measurement as shaft is rotated – start and stop rotation at
any position
• Alignment of cardan and spacer shafts
• Enter alignment targets and thermal growth values including input of dial
indicator readings
• ALIGNMENT CENTER software to manage measurement files and create reports
• 3 – machine train alignment

Optalign Smart

Optalign Smart yields precision laser alignment with a twist. Intuitive operation, ergonomic design, and a wide range of features make Optalign Smart a called for feature in the maintenance of rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gearboxes, and compressors. Rent Optalign Systems from ACQUIP Now.

Optalign Smart possesses the powerful features required in cost-effective maintenance technology. Standard features includes:

• Bluetooth wireless communication and USB interface integrated within the computer
• High-resolution backlit TFT screen
• UniBeam® for quick adjustment of the single laser beam
• Alignment of non-rotatable shafts
• Automatic, continuous measurement as the shaft is rotated starts and stops rotation at any position
• TolChek ® automatic evaluation of alignment condition
• QuickCheck ® a quick alignment check using a single dimension to display both horizontal and vertical coupling values
• Static measurement mode requires any 3 of the 8 available 45° measurement positions
• Live monitoring of horizontal or vertical machine corrections
• Alignment of coupled and uncoupled shafts
• PC freeware Alignment Reporter for measurement file backup and printing reports.

Optalign Smart offers powerful options:

• 3-Machine train alignment
• Customer-defined tolerances
• Verify measurement repeatability using the results table
• Ability to enter alignment targets and thermal growth values
• Fixed feet selection resolves base-bound and bolt-bound problems
• InfiniRange extends detector measurement range to handle gross misalignment
• Multipoint mode measurement at any 3 or more positions over 60° rotation or wider
• Alignment of vertical and flange-mounted machines
• Alignment of cardan and spacer shafts
• Save up to 500 measurement file storage capability
• Heavy-duty rechargeable Li-Ion battery
• Bluetooth RF module for transducer

Optalign Plus & Plus EX (Intrinsically Safe)

Optalign Plus Simple 3-Key Operation

The Optalign Plus series is an alignment system that offers a simple interface for laser shaft alignment. Optalign Plus uses the default entry level to aligning standard horizontal shaft alignment.

The Optalign Plus is fully loaded for coupled and uncoupled shafts, measures soft foot and comes with preassembled brackets for quick mounting. These features translate into benefits by helping saves time and substantially reduce breakdowns. Rent Optalign Systems from ACQUIP Now.

  • Aligns horizontal machines
  • Automatic Continuous Sweep mode
  • Horizontal & vertical “live move” at any 45° position
  • Patented InfiniRange function provides unlimited measurement range to handle any amount of misalignment at any distance
  • Static measure mode
  • Variable averaging and deviation band
  • Overcomes shaft rotation restrictions
  • Unaffected by backlash
  • UniBeam® enables quick laser beam adjustment
  • TolCheck® determines alignment condition
  • Ability to enter targets and thermal growth
  • Determine alignment condition of 6-foot machines
  • Ability to select spacer shaft improving accuracy

Check out OPTalign RS video demo

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