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ACQUIP Measurement services


Inspired by perfection, ACQUIP is driven by results. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small company we have the products and experience to meet your laser alignment and metrology needs. Our SphereAction™ methodology, provide services one to none for different types of rotating equipment.

ACQUIP is the industry leader in field measurement services. we use the most innovative technology available and adapt it to uncommon problems. ACQUIP Services specializes in rotating equipment alignment services for the power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Contact us to get your free quote! email us at or you can call us at +1 305 538 7101

Gas Turbine Alignment
With ACQUIP, the internal gas turbine alignment process is quick, cost-effective, and produces precise repeatable readings.

Steam Turbine Alignment
ACQUIP has extensive experience in steam turbine internal laser alignment. Our service engineers are extremely quick, accurate, and effective.
ACQUIP Metrology Services
ACQUIP’s engineers and data analyst specialists have a broad knowledge in the applications of 3D technologies.we are also efficient in operating 3D software packages.
ACQUIP Shaft Alignment
ACQUIP offers a comprehensive laser shaft alignment that is proven to eliminate the most common cause of machine vibration, making it the most effective method for coupling alignment.
ACQUIP Bore Alignment
Bore Alignment using the Boralign System measures alignment by tracking a laser beam displacement over the surface of a position sensing detector to the nearest 1/1000mm as the bore surface is probed.
Machine Train Alignment
Our laser machine train alignment service speeds up the alignment process while still providing an excellent alignment. Our technicians have experience on many different machines and applications.
Hydro Turbine Alignment
Our innovative approach and equipment will shorten the time of your outage and it will increase the operational efficiency in your hydro turbine.
Compressor Alignment
ACQUIP speeds up the process and increases the accuracy of a Reciprocating Compressor Alignment . The cylinder is aligned to the cross head guide through the distance piece.
Thermal Growth Analysis
ACQUIP uses the most advanced laser-based alignment systems to configure your machines to reach an optimal coupling alignment target within the thermal range.
Flatness Measurement
The laser measurement process is perfect to quickly measure machine foundations. Laser measurements are now faster, more accurate.
3D Scanning Services
ACQUIP is able to simulate components in 3D for installation purposes, as well as perform design validation and reverse engineering.
ACQUIP Outage Services
We have worked on every conceivable type of industrial machine or component that requires laser machine alignment.

ACQUIP Specialized Measurement services