The newly improved MAGIE, IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER!
Magie Curved Surface Magnetic Base Faro Leica API Laser Tracker


• Adjustable Mounting feet
• Highly compact and portable
• Extremely durable anodized protective coating, making it corrosion and abrasion resistant
• Shipped in a strong and weather-proof Pelican case
• Includes 5 inch extension
• Can be used with any Arm or Laser Tracker. If it is required adapters for specific equipment can be customized.

MAGIE Magnetic Base for Curved Surfaces

ACQUIP’s team of engineers had designed the new adjustable MAGIE Magnetic Base Mount kit (Magnetic Angular Geometry for Industrial Equipment) . MAGIE will allow you to mount any measurement Arm or Laser Tracker on plates, parts and any other curved surfaces, which makes it the ideal tool to eliminate the typical problems and limitations of traditional mounts.

Our Mag-Base Eliminates:

• The need for a large and perfectly flat surface
• The tendency to rock, creating false data
• The inability to install on bores and pipes
• The need to fabricate mounts or plates

ACQUIP’s team of engineers solved these issues by creating a unique Mag-Base allowing the user to adjust the contact of the mount. This feature enables the mount to affix it self on bores, pipes and uneven surfaces. Its an innovative design which lets you place your Laser Tracker CMM in areas that were previously inaccessible, adding versatility and quickening the measurement process.

ACQUIP’S Mag-Base MAGIE is available for preorder or rental at you convenience. For more information email us at or you can call us at +1 305-538-7101. You can also see our measurement equipment rentals here. MAGIE is an ACQUIP product protected by the U.S Patent No 20150354750.


For a limited time, ACQUIP presents MAGIE Pick 2. This amazing offer allows you to buy a MAGIE Magnetic Base and get a second product or laser tracker rental at a discounted rate. Want more? All MAGIE shipping charges are on us! Contact us for more details, offer valid in the US only.

watch this video to see magie in action
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