ACQUIP Offers SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate Software to Include with your Laser Tracker Rental


ACQUIP Offers SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate Software to Include with your Laser Tracker Rental

ACQUIP  is now offering another cost-effective solution to its Laser Tracker Rental customers: SpatialAnalyzer Ultimate Software.

Using SpatialAnalyzer software in combination with the Laser Tracker, clients will be able to complete tasks more efficiently, thus saving time. SA maintains a clear history of your dynamic measurements from start to finish. The user can even combine the data with other 3D measurement tools involved in the same project, which makes it a great software for real-time data analysis and management.


This “dynamic duo” delivers results for different types of applications such as: alignment, GD&T Inspection, geometry inspection and real-time build and virtual assembly among others. In addition, you can generate custom reports to a wide variety of formats. The SA Remote app enables you to view real-time 3-DOF and 6-DOF spatial data and control your Laser Tracker remotely from an Iphone®, Ipod® touch or Ipad®. You will only need to download the app for free at the apple store.

SA Ultimate includes everything contained in SA Professional, plus the features below:

  •  Real-time Alignment
  • Advanced Fit Optimization
  • Complex Instrument Networks
  • Automation
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Database Output

Enhance the operability of your cmm machine and the productivity of your team using SpatialAnalyzer, for either big or small scale projects. When you are renting a Laser Tracker from ACQUIP ask for the SA option or you can always rent SA alone at your convenience.

To know more about the use of SA with Faro Instruments, check the following video from our partners at New River Kinematics. If you have more questions please contact us at or call us at +1855 ACQUIP1.

By Marcela Quintana


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