ACQUIP Services has years of experience and technical knowledge that you can access when you need it most. Our clients depend on us, because time is their most precious commodity and they cannot sacrifice safety or accuracy. We often go into a project that has not been done before. We approach the problem using fundamental principles to solve it. This means we first ask the client what the desired end product is that they need. We survey the environment to understand the capabilities and limitations of the equipment present. We determine what can be moved and what is fixed. We consider conditions present and if any of them need to be altered. We gather data as we find it as accurately as possible. Data is analyzed and the awe develop a plan to reach the desired goals. We then direct movement to precisely position each component in relation to the critical axis of the function. We use current technology to solve new problems, quickly. ACQUIP is unique because of our mindset, how we view the problem and how quickly we are expected to produce results.

ACQUIP was born as a service company that provides Laser Alignment for rotating equipment to Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Marine Industries. These services include:

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Gas Turbine Alignment

Steam turbine alignment
ACQUIP machine train alignment service
Machine Train Alignent
ACQUIP metrology services
ACQUIP Metrology Services
acquip shaft alignment
Shaft Alignment
ACQUIP Bore Laser Alignment service
ACQUIP Bore Alignment
Hydro Turbine Alignment
Hydro Turbine Alignment
reciprocating compressor alignment.j
Compressor Alignment
ACQUIP Thermal Growth Monitoring service
Thermal Growth Analysis
ACQUIP metrology services
Flatness Measurement
The laser measurement process is perfect to quickly measure machine foundations. Laser measurements are now faster, more accurate.
ACQUIP 3D Scanning services
3D Scanning Services
ACQUIP is able to simulate components in 3D for installation purposes, as well as perform design validation and reverse engineering.
laser turbine alignment service
ACQUIP Outage Services
We have worked on every conceivable type of industrial machine or component that requires laser machine alignment.

ACQUIP Specialized Measurement services

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