ACQUIP Conoco Philips Shaft Alignment Training

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The Project Scope

ConocoPhillips Alaska needed a shaft alignment training course for their plant maintenance personnel on the North Slope. They required an advanced course because all of their mechanics were experienced with alignment and needed to target more complicated techniques. The course needed to be onsite because the maintenance staff had to be near the equipment in case of an emergency.

acquip’s solution

ACQUIP designed a course specific to their needs, reviewing the basics and concentrating on advanced alignment procedures. ACQUIP traveled an instructor and alignment simulators to the remote location. The alignment class was comprehensive and hands on.


All plant maintenance staff that attended the course were trained in the techniques required and they were given a fundamental base to build on in the future. ACQUIP was able to adapt to the needs of the client and deliver a quality product in an unknown environment. Many attendees reported that it was the best training class of any kind that they had ever attended.

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