Preowned Optalign Smart RS

Preowned Optalign Smart RS

The Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Smart RS Laser Shaft Alignment Tool uses a single laser and a 5-axis sensor. The sensor contains two fully-linearized biaxial position detectors and a precision inclinometer. It can precisely measure relative shaft movement in five degrees of freedom. This measurement principle is the only one which allows ‘Live Move’ with concurrent monitoring of the vertical and horizontal machine corrections and with the sensor at any angular position.

Preowned PRUFTECHNIK Optalign Smart RS

Laser Alignment System

  • Optalign Smart RS Computer
  • Brackets Chain
  • Unit to Female Cable
  • Cable 2 Meter Receiver
  • Unit to Male Cable
  • Chains, 300MM – Chains, 600MM
  • Module Bluetooth RF – RF Module Cable
  • Laser/Receiver Sensor
  • Risers Bag
  • Supply Unit Power

Includes Current Calibration with Certificate.

SET Magnetic bracket system upgrade available: 2 magnetic brackets, and 4 support posts, 115mm (4½)