Gets you going on your way!

On-Site training for your specific project.

Tailored to your needs!

Jumpstart is a new innovative product from ACQUIP that integrates our state-of-the-art rental equipment, with best practices tailored to your application. Jumpstart is the result of years of Field Service experience in a variety of industries. Jumpstart is tailored to your needs by combining on-site training and the most advanced technology rentals in the industry. You will also receive technical support to ensure the success of your project. Jumpstart gets you going and on your way!

Jumpstart Solutions apply to the following applications:

Jumpstart Services Benefits:

  • ACQUIP service engineer State-of-the-art equipment rental (software included)
  • On-site technical support to start your project
  • New skill-set added to your team in advanced technologies
  • Cost-effective solution to your needs

For more information about our JumpStart™ service contact us at info@acquip.com or call us at +1(305) 538 7101.

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