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Internal Gas Turbine ALIGNMENT PROCESS

With ACQUIP, the internal gas turbine alignment process is quick, cost-effective, and produces precise repeatable readings.

Crucial aspects that reduces Gas Turbine Life
Foreign Object Damage
Rubbing wear
Hot corrosion
Wet corrosion
High Cycle and Low Cycle Fatigue

Lifetime evaluation is usually done using inspection and measurement best practices during a planned outage before 100,000 Equivalent Operating Hours.

ACQUIP Gas Turbine Internal Alignment has become the most common service we perform. Over the years cogeneration (COGEN) plants have become popular all of the world. ACQUIP is relied upon by OEMs, Plant Owners and Outage Service Providers to perform their Gas Turbine Alignments during major outages. We have the ability to quickly deploy, acquire readings and finalize alignment corrections with 3 days in most cases. We are able to set up and acquire internal alignment reading without removing the compressor blades.

…We have the ability to quickly deploy, acquire readings and finalize alignment corrections with 3 days in most cases.

We have developed procedures, specialized techniques and gained experience for the alignment of gas turbine components. We want you to depend on ACQUIP for the alignment portion of you project. We have detailed the differences in alignment methods for different turbine applications.

Major Outage Gas Turbine Alignment Services
Specific Alignment Services on these units are detailed:

Internal Alignment

An internal alignment is performed in the course a major outage. Additional reasons to perform an internal alignment are vibration issues, evidence of rubbing, unit up-rate, catastrophic failure or component replacement. These subsequent factors will usually lead to a major outage.

There are varying levels of internal alignment on a Gas Turbine

  • Document Alignment Position
  • Alignment of Bearings
  • Casing alignment
  • Exhaust Slippage Correction
  • Torque Tube Alignment
  • Compressor Case alignment
  • Exhaust Case Droop Correction

For gas turbine alignments the measurement process is identical. ACQUIP uses a Laser Tracker mounted on a MAGIE (magnetic bracket for curved surfaces) to acquire the readings.To record accurate internal alignment readings using any method the preparation is identical:

  • The turbine is disassembled and the rotor is removed.
  • The turbine is reassembled without the rotor.
  • The cases are bolted back together and torqued (at least every other bolt) to specification.

Bolting the top of the unit is necessary for a gas turbine alignment, the top provides substantial support for the entire unit. This ensures that the alignment readings will be accurate. If the turbine is outside, alignment readings may have to occur at night. This is to counter the effect of thermal expansion from solar radiation throughout the day.

ACQUIP measures the turbine sections with a laser track directly into a CAD package. When we take the readings, we are gathering thousands of data points. This means we are not only getting 2-dimensional centerline data. In the course of taking the alignment readings we also get:

  • Axial Position
  • Out of roundness/distortion of compressors and turbine
  • Flatness of the faces
  • Angular relationships

All data is analyzed for misalignment to targets. Component movements are performed in a controlled manner to make the smallest move possible. All moved components are checked to ensure they are in the correct location. All alignment steps are documented. If moves to the casings are made, dowels will have to be removed. Hydraulic jacks and chain hoist will be used to maneuver the compressor sections. When compressor sections are in the desired locations dowels holes a reamed and re-doweled.

Rotor Coupling Alignment

The Coupling alignment for a gas turbine varies depending on the configuration of the unit and resources available. These can include:

  • Lift Oil
  • Ability to Rotate Shaft
  • Overhead Crane
  • Alignment Pins
  • Shim or Fixature Mounting

Depending on these conditions the alignment can be performed  by rotating both shafts, without rotating the shafts or only rotating one shaft. ACQUIP will acquire these readings with either a laser alignment system or with a laser tracker. We can often complete the shaft alignment during the course of the internal alignment by shooting through the gas turbine bearings to the generator coupling.

ACQUIP calculates and provides all move data for the generator. We will provide shim changes or fixator flat moves. We can direct and supervise the shim changes and moves.

The alignment will conclude with a final set of readings to confirm alignment condition. ACQUIP also has custom shim kits available to eliminate the need to cut shim stock while making moves.

Gas Turbine Internal Alignment Video

The models of gas turbines that ACQUIP work the most are GE Frame 7 and 501 Gas turbines. We have extensive experience with:

  • GE Frame 7B
  • GE Frame 7C
  • GE Frame 7E
  • GE Frame7EA
  • GE Frame 7C/E
  • GE Frame7F
  • GE Frame7FA
  • GE Frame 7FB
  • GE Frame 9E
  • GE Frame 9F
  • GE Frame 5
  • GE Frame 6B
  • W501A
  • W501AA
  • W501B
  • W501D
  • W501D5
  • W501D5A – SGT6-3000E
  • W501F – SGT6-5000F
  • M501D
  • M501F
  • M501F3

Reasons to use ACQUIP services:

  • Time savings
  • Accuracy
  • Other work can go on during the alignment process
  • Increased Efficiency
  • We take care of the entire alignment process:
    • Record all the alignment readings
    • Account for all the rotor positions
    • Account for bore presets
    • Account for, measure or calculate Rotor SAG
    • Measure tops on/off deviation
    • calculate moves
    • Provide the moves to the Forman or Floor Engineer
    • Check the alignment was done correctly
  • Other measurements are recorded at the same time:
    • Out of round
    • Deformation
    • Bearing elevation
  • We can measure other critical values
    • Blade Tip Clearance
    • Rotor Deformation
    • 3D Dimensioning of Components
  • We can project shaft alignment position from bearing measurements during internal alignment

Contact us about ACQUIP Gas Turbine Services call us at +1 305 538-7101  or email us at

Jeff Burleson
Steel Related Technology

Working with ACQUIP on the job we had in Italy recently was the best experience I have had in this type situation. ACQUIP was very professional and the response time far exceeded my expectations. The rental equipment was in top shape and made it possible for us to take care of our customer in an emergency situation. We will look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you for your hard work.

David M. Casto
Regional Quality Engineer

ACQUIP’s engineers performed a great job for Siemens Energy . The Fluid Drive and Gearbox and Pump were all included in the task. Each component was aligned to “all” of Siemens procedures and specifications requested. The Siemens customer was very satisfied with the results of the alignment and process.

Owen O’Donnell
Furino and Sons Inc.
Project Manager

First I would like to thank you for your help. We need a piece of alignment equipment on site last minute do to a break down. ACQUIP responded to your request immediately, recommend the right tool for the job, and had the tool on site by 8:30 AM the following morning. Just outstanding customer service and support from the entire ACQUIP team.

Danny Hiner
Tamarack Aerospace Group
Metrology Engineer

ACQUIP was the best choice to rent the Laser Tracker. It speeded up the process! I will definitely come back on our next set of fixtures!

Don Haag
Reliable Turbine Services
Vice President of North Operations

I highly recommend ACQUIP for executing both Tops on/Tops off and Tops off Steam path alignments.

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