dynamic movement studies


ACQUIP’s expertise in 3D Scanning Services will save you considerable time, money and effort. Request a Quote for your project.

  • Avoid future alignment problems
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase mean-time between failure
  • This all directly translates into increased profits
… ACQUIP’s thermal growth monitoring services provide maximum running efficiency and productivity, since it is important to have your machines aligned during running conditions.
Most common machine we perform dynamic movement studies on:
  •  Gas Turbine
  • Steam Turbine
  • Compressor
  • Boiler Feed Pump
ACQUIP has been able to diagnose root cause of issues THAT were not based in thermal growth:
  •  Foundation void / instability
  •  Soft Foot
  •  Grouting issues
  •  Casing torsional movements
  •  Pipe Flange gasket issues
  •  Environmental interference
  •  OEM Coupling Target Sign errors
  •  Bearing installation errors
  •  Gib Key locking up
  •  Coupling lubrication problem
  •  Upstream startup issues
  •  Grounding errors
  •  Instrumentation failures
  •  Syncing Problems
  •  Axial movement clearance problem

Contact us about ACQUIP Dynamic Movement Studies at +1 305 538-7101  or you can also request a quote directly through our form here.

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