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Align Bearing Shell and Bores

Typical bore alignment applications
  • Adjusting bar feeders and spindle alignment
  • Aligning propeller shafts
  • Positioning rudder posts
  • Aligning pistons in pump assemblies
  • Adjusting extrusion press rams in their boxes

Bore Alignment using the Boralign System measures alignment by tracking a laser beam displacement over the surface of a position sensing detector to the nearest 1/1000mm as the bore surface is probed. Because this position detector measurement is made accurately, the alignment correction will be more reliable. Features like an internal inclinometer and a four-axis position sensor detector with NIST traceable linearization enhance accuracy.

…There is no need to suspend work during the alignment process because the line of site of the laser beam can be broken at any time without affecting the reference line.

Work is able to continue on the engine during the alignment because a laser based system is employed. There is no need to suspend work during the alignment process because the line of site of the laser beam can be broken at any time without affecting the reference line for future measurements or correlating them to past measurements.

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Jeff Burleson
Steel Related Technology

Working with ACQUIP on the job we had in Italy recently was the best experience I have had in this type situation. ACQUIP was very professional and the response time far exceeded my expectations. The rental equipment was in top shape and made it possible for us to take care of our customer in an emergency situation. We will look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you for your hard work.

David M. Casto
Regional Quality Engineer

ACQUIP’s engineers performed a great job for Siemens Energy . The Fluid Drive and Gearbox and Pump were all included in the task. Each component was aligned to “all” of Siemens procedures and specifications requested. The Siemens customer was very satisfied with the results of the alignment and process.

Owen O’Donnell
Furino and Sons Inc.
Project Manager

First I would like to thank you for your help. We need a piece of alignment equipment on site last minute do to a break down. ACQUIP responded to your request immediately, recommend the right tool for the job, and had the tool on site by 8:30 AM the following morning. Just outstanding customer service and support from the entire ACQUIP team.

Danny Hiner
Tamarack Aerospace Group
Metrology Engineer

ACQUIP was the best choice to rent the Laser Tracker. It speeded up the process! I will definitely come back on our next set of fixtures!

Don Haag
Reliable Turbine Services
Vice President of North Operations

I highly recommend ACQUIP for executing both Tops on/Tops off and Tops off Steam path alignments.

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