elimination of rework which leads to cost-effective processes

ACQUIP’s expertise in 3D Scanning Services will save you considerable time, money and effort. Request a Quote for your project.

3D Scanning Services ideally suited for:
  • Complex environments with piping, ducting and assemblies
  • Hazardous and difficult to reach spaces
  • Large objects that prove difficult to measure traditionally
  • Complex geometries with nonconformity
…A typical 3D scan can generate millions of measured points within minutes.
Our 3D Scanning Applications include:
  •   Retrofits – Creation of P&ID’s Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams of existing equipment
  •    Construction Monitoring: verification, inspection and analysis
  •  Asset & Facility Management
  •   As-Built Verification & Existing Conditions
  •     Virtual Simulation: Virtual Walkdown & Virtual Fit-Up
  •    Interference & Clash Detection Analysis
  •  Scan to BIM Building information Modeling

Power plants and industrial facilities are ideally suited for 3D measurement services that ACQUIP can provide. Every day, plants across the world rely on 3D measurements to both maintain, upgrade, retrofit and repair facilities and equipment. During an outage, reducing unplanned downtime is critical and our solutions have helped many project managers achieve success.


  • Save significant time and cost savings over traditional methods
  • capturing existing conditions and as-built documentation of facilities
  • eliminate rework by using virtual design analysis techniques (VDC & BIM)
  • identifying potential interferences & clash detection
  • Discrete measurement and tie-in points for pre-manufacturing
  • Asset management for verification and audit
  • Virtual Walkdowns for project planning
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ACQUIP’s 3D Scanning services utilizes state of the art technology to capture complex environments very quickly. Our engineers utilize technologies like LIDAR (light detection and ranging), the same tech used in autonomous vehicles, to capture and measure objects nearby the device to within millimeter precision. A typical 3D scan can generate millions of measured points within minutes. The 3-dimensional image captured by these devices then is processed to a finished deliverable in a CAD package to your desired output.

ACQUIP’s 3D Scanning Services, using the FARO Focus 3D Scanner advanced technology can accurately capture As-Built Conditions in any environment. ACQUIP is able to simulate components in 3D for installation purposes, as well as perform design validation and reverse engineering. The post processing of scanned data even makes it possible to easily inspect structural deflection on complex surfaces in small spaces.

ACQUIP also provides 3D Scanning Services to other industries for instance: Petrochemical Oil & Gas, Construction & Surveying, BIM & Architecture, Marine & Shipbuilding and Manufacturing. Contact us with all your questions at info@acquip.com or call us at +1(305) 538 7101

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