What does Dynamic Movement Study Consist of? – A journey at a glance

Thermal Growth Dynamic Movement Services

Dynamic movement Study or Thermal growth monitoring is the alteration in the length of an specific metal due to temperature fluctuations. When a machine transitions from an offline state to full operation, temperature variations are perfectly normal. Among these shifts, the most pronounced occur in the machine’s bearings and supports, constituting what we term thermal growth or dynamic movement.

This phenomenon can be described as the transformation in the metal’s end-to-end dimensions triggered by temperature fluctuations. Typically, when a metal bar is subjected to heat, it undergoes elongation. These alterations in length may vary from minimal to substantial, depending on the specific conditions. In our exploration of this concept, we will delve deeper into the intricate world of thermal growth and dynamic movement, uncovering its implications and importance, particularly in the context of machinery and industrial applications.


Dynamic Movement Study service consist of the following:

Thermal Growth

  • Growth of the machine
  • Growth of piping
  • Piping geometry
  • TorqueMovement


Align to Running Alignment Tolerance

Alignment Target:

  • Hot Alignment Check
  • Theoretical – Calculation
  • Manufacturer
  • Measuring

Dynamic Movement Measurement with Permalign®

  • Coupling Targets
  • Growth at the feet and bearings
  • Measured changes
  • A laser based non-destructive measuring system, that determines real time positional change
  • Can sense positional change of.001″at 30 feet


• Can be used for relative alignment change across a coupling
•  Can be used for absolute change measurement
•  Can monitor movement in real time indefinitely
•  Target can be up to 30 feet from laser/monitor
•  Cold to Hot or from Hot to Cold
•  Target can withstand ambient air temperature of 230 degrees Fahrenheit


Four Parameters of Alignment:

  • Horizontal Offset
  • Horizontal Angle
  • Vertical Offset
  • Vertical Angle

PROJECT SCOPE:  a company needed to determine why bearing loads changed on a gas turbine from its cold statet oits online running condition, and also looking for a way to measure how much the alignment changes from offline through start up and various load conditions.


ACQUIP APPROACH: ACQUIP Services surveyed  the turbine and examined the issues.
We determined mounting points and wiring considerations in order to accurately measure the alignment change through all o f the states needed.

We performed a dynamic movement study with the Permalign®system to measure the alignment change that was being created from thermal growth and torsional stresses.


RESULT:  ACQUIPServices was able to acquire all data needed to capture the dynamic movement for all parameters of alignment.

New alignment targets were created to increase the performance of   the gas turbine and greatly reduce the machine vibration.



Dynamic Movement measurement reading using Permalign®

ACQUIP Dynamic Movement Study (Thermal Growth Monitoring)  Overview

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