Mag-Base for Curved Surfaces MAGIE


for curved surfaces magie


ACQUIP introduces the new magnetic base for curved surfaces to be used with laser trackers.

ACQUIP Rotating Equipment Solutions, the industry leader for laser alignment launched the new adjustable magnetic base mount kit that enables any measurement Arm or Laser Tracker to be mounted on plates, parts and any other curved surfaces, which makes it the ideal tool for eliminating the typical problems and limitations of traditional mounts.

In the past, traditional mounts required you to have a large and perfectly flat surface for the mount to affix properly. While any imperfection on the surface caused the mount to rock, giving you non-repeatable or false data. Whether a factory or machine shop, these mounts were not easily available or found at convenient locations. Often times, you would find yourself producing your own mounts or plates, costing you more time and money. This impediment limited the reach and capability of your portable cmm device.

ACQUIP’s team of engineers solved these issues by creating a unique Mag-Base allowing the user to adjust the contact of the mount. This feature enables the mount to affix it self on bores, pipes and uneven surfaces. Its an innovative design which lets you place your Laser Tracker CMM in areas that were previously inaccessible, adding versatility and quickening the measurement process.

ACQUIP’s magnetic base has been studied and tested for the last six months, and finally this new and revolutionary magnetic-base designed for curved surfaces, is now available for purchase or rental.

For more information and place an order, please contact us at 1 305 538 7101, or by email