General Electric D11 Steam Turbine Tops On Tops Off Alignment

general electric d11 steam turbine

tops on tops off alignment

The Project Scope

The General Electric D11 steam turbine was brought down for a scheduled outage. GE power and water outage services required a tops on tops off alignment of the High Pressure and Intermediate Pressure sections of the turbine. Laser was the preferred choice for alignment due to its benefits for the unit and the outage timeframe.

acquip performance

ACQUIP Services was contacted to perform a tops on tops off alignment of the HP/IP section of the D11 Steam Turbine. ACQUIP utilized a FARO Laser Tracker system to measure and analyze the alignment data. From the acquired data the shell deflection and diaphragms adjustments were calculated. The data acquisition process was done while other work was being performed since the line of sight of the laser beam can be broken at any time without affecting the measurement accuracy, hence optimizing the outage process.


ACQUIP’s engineers’ through a versatile laser tracking system and their sheer experience shortened the outage by quickly acquiring all the alignment readings. The alignment of the unit was restored the unit to its maximum performance resulting in a net gain in efficiency of approximately 4% once the unit was started. The rapid response and meticulous alignment done by ACQUIP, coupled with a state-of-the-art laser equipment, resulted in a fast turnaround and an increase in efficiency, which would improve the life of the unit as well as its profit margin.

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