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ACQUIP’s team of engineers has designed the adjustable MAGIE Magnetic Base Mount kit (Magnetic Angular Geometry for Industrial Equipment) . MAGIE will allow you to mount any measurement Arm or Laser Tracker on plates, parts, and any other curved surfaces, which makes it the ideal tool to eliminate the typical problems and limitations of traditional mounts.

pre-made turbine alignment shims

Turbine outage success is determined by timing. ACQUIP can provide a pre-made shim kit for your diaphragm alignment, saving you time and resources. Don’t pay skilled labor to cut shim stock with tin snips. We stock shim kits for several turbines, i.e. GE D11 and GE G3.

great measurement equipment deals

acquip’s pre-owned inventory

Take advantage of this amazing equipment offers. All our pre-owned equipment includes current calibration certificates and pelican cases. For more information or to add accessories to your purchase please contact us.


Spherical Mounted Retroreflectors (SMR), are included in every ACQUIP Faro Laser Tracker Rental. However, if you only need to rent them, we have SMRs available of 1.5 inches and 1/2 inch with extensions of 6 inches.

laser tracker

custom pelican cases

ACQUIP has pelican cases for sale with custom inserts for the Ion laser tracker and the Vantage laser tracker. The FARO Vantage Pelican case comes within parameters to be checked on major airlines.

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