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Levalign Ultra

Levalign Ultra is the perfect choice for discerning engineers. It takes measurement of flatness to a higher level!

Levalign Ultra is the successor to the proven Levalign. This cutting-edge system, which is now based on the ultra-modern Rotalign Ultra computer, answers to industry’s needs for quick and efficient measurement of surface flatness.

Levalign Ultra’s large color backlit display shows all relevant information, including a context sensitive menu, in a self-explanatory manner. For example, in the result screen, the colored tolerance code for each measured point indicates if and to what extent tolerances are met. The system provides an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m up to a diameter of 40 m.

The Levalign Ultra has a wide variety of features such as:

• Free Selection of any number of fixed/reference plans or points
• Measure angles between surfaces
• Produce customized reports with result values as positive, negative, or both.
• Features InfiniSplice™ to measure an infinite number of points and surface areas.
• Option of using the wireless communication between computer and receiver
• Surface profile of the measured element is presented with color coded tolerance levels in 2-D or 3-D display

Use the freeware alignment reporter to print detailed customized measurement reports and to backup measurement files on the PC. For more demanding applications, use alignment center, the optional Windows TM based PC software platform to generate color measurement reports. Measure infinite number of points and verify parallelism between different surfaces.

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