ACQUIP Sunny Knowdy Shaft Alignment Training

Shaft Alignment Training Houston

ACQUIP Sunny Knowdy Shaft Alignment Training

Finally ACQUIP Shaft Alignment Training, will come from Miami to the principal cities of the United States to present our Shaft Alignment fundamentals seminar; first stop Houston, TX August 21st and 22nd 2012. Get the most powerful skills out of your team, offer more than raises and promotions, give them the opportunity to learn and succeed.

ACQUIP Training involves your plant maintenance team for two days, in a sunny knowdy seminar on the best principles and practices to perform alignments for rotating equipment. Get trained, share your experience and be part of this amazing opportunity; to learn from one of the experts in Alignment Services.


At ACQUIP Training we want to empower people, adding skill-sets to your team’s expertise. It’s time to challenge, Motivate and succeed: Book your next training now!

ACQUIP Training next stops:

• Baton Rouge, LA October 1st and 2nd
• Bismarck, ND October 23rd and 24th
• Los Angeles, CA November 13th and 14th
• Chicago, IL December 4th and 5th

For more info about ACQUIP Training schedule for courses and seminars contact us at +1 855 ACQUIP1 or go online at

By Marcela Quintana


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