Who are WE?

Field engineer Damian Josefsberg, with a smile and a handshake, founded ACQUIP in 2003 in Miami, Florida. Now nearly a decade later, ACQUIP is the UNDISPUTED industry leader for rotating equipment solutions. We specialize in laser alignment services for the power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Over the past 21 years, ACQUIP has steadily expanded our expertise and capabilities in performing a range of services across four major divisions: Rentals, Training, Laser Alignment, and Metrology Services. These divisions encompass extensive services in support of the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Marine, and Aerospace industries. Notably, we have honed our skills in servicing critical machinery such as gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, gearboxes compressors, pumps, shafts, engines, and various types of high-speed rotating equipment.

ACQUIP’S portfolio of solutions is characterized by innovation and performance-driven approaches that streamline workflows and enhance operational efficiency for our clients. Coupled with our ability to adapt our offerings to meet evolving technological advancements and market demand, ensures that we remain at the forefront of the laser alignment and 3D inspection solutions. Additionally, we have bolstered our technical support capabilities, offering round-the-clock assistance and expertise to ensure seamless operations for all clients worldwide.

ACQUIP has made significant strides in growing our worldwide presence, establishing regional offices and partnerships to better serve clients across different continents. Our commitment and dedication are focused on meeting the needs of clients on a global scale.

ACQUIP’s professional reputation is built on our commitment to efficiency, accuracy, responsiveness, and dependable service delivery. Clients rely on ACQUIP’s solutions as we are characterized by trustworthiness, adaptability, and utmost reliability, ensuring consistent and successful machine alignment procedures and operations.

Proud to be a service – disable veteran owned business

Facts & Achievements
Damian Josefsberg founded ACQUIP. The first service jobs were marine alignments for the cruise lines; ACQUIP developed a method for stern tube to gearbox alignment with a laser bore alignment system. ACQUIP began performing Internal alignments for GE. ACQUIP developed a method for reciprocating compressor alignment with a laser system that saved days over typical methods. ACQUIP helped Jason Trantor from Mobius to write the iLearn Alignment software.
ACQUIP developed the Express Alignment method, which is a way to do a theoretical tops-on alignment and save an average of 5 shifts on the Outage.
ACQUIP began working in the largest Nitrogen Plant in the world (Nitrogeno de Cantarell) in Mexico to find the optimal alignment position of all of the air-separation machines.
ACQUIP started working with DOW Chemical on dynamic movement studies on their critical equipment.
ACQUIP started a contract with Siemens to provide them with internal alignment services on their major Outages
ACQUIP started the rental company to provide high-end equipment on as-needed basis. ACQUIP Investigated the root cause analysis on a 660-mw steam turbine in the Philippines at the power plant that provides 20% of the nation’s power.
ACQUIP began performing internal alignment for major outages on a contract basis directly with power companies such as Southern Company, OUC and Progress Energy.
ACQUIP developed proprietary method for quickly performing internal alignment on GE D11 Steam Turbines.
ACQUIP performed Thermal Growth analysis studies on GE Frame 9 Gas Turbines in Asia.
ACQUIP developed a process for Dynamic Movement analysis on GE Frame 6 Gas Turbines in the Middle East.
ACQUIP Devised process to determine Trunion positioning during operation for 501 F Gas Turbines at Progress Energy
ACQUIP aligned 11 pumps for the largest pump station in the world in New Orleans, LA for Kiewit and the US Army Corp of Engineers.
ACQUIP worked at Florida Power & Light to develop a process to diagnose an issue with all of the GE Frame 7 FA Gas Turbines; ACQUIP was able to determine the correct alignment targets for those machines.
ACQUIP opened an office in KSA and partnered with ZAMIL Group to provide alignment service for all of our clients in KSA including Saudi Electric Company, Sabic and Saudi Aramco.
ACQUIP signed strategic alliance with FGGS Corporation and created a new product called Turbinekey that combined both companies’ offerings into one complete package: Gearbox maintenance and Laser Alignment for machine trains.
ACQUIP started the acquisition of new 3D technology from FARO technologies: Laser Trackers and 3D Scanners, which allowed ACQUIP to increase the quality of their services and speed up ACQUIP’s processes.
ACQUIP initiated the Metrology and 3D Scanning Division to serve its clients on a wide range of new applications.
ACQUIP put into operation its help line Rely 365 to help their customers with emergency situations related to alignment offsite 365 days a year 24/7 hours a week.
ACQUIP started an alliance with Energy Capital to serve clients in the Asian territory
ACQUIP joined forces with Consolidated Turbine Services (CTS) to perform services in the United Arab Emirates region.
ACQUIP became the sole authorized service representative for installation and alignment of machines using Altra Couplings.
ACQUIP initiated a joined venture with ConfiabilidadMX to provide services, rentals and training in the Mexican territory.
ACQUIP creates a unique Mag-Base for curved surfaces, the “MAGIE” which allows the user to affix measurement devices to uneven angled or curved surfaces.
ACQUIP created a service called Jumpstart, which combines on-site training with advanced technology to assist you with specific applications.
ACQUIP added new 3D Laser Alignment services, which includes: Hydro Turbine Alignment and Reciprocating Compressor Alignment.
ACQUIP changed the slogan of its logo from “ Rotating Equipment Solutions” to “ “Accurate, Precise and Trusted”, to make it more relevant to new industries which ACQUIP is now servicing worldwide.
ACQUIP designed an Internal Alignment Simulator to provide a better understanding of internal alignment process in Steam Turbines using the Laser Tracker.
ACQUIP started the Laser Tracker Loaner Program, which permits rental clients to acquire a loaner unit with superior benefits. This will apply only when the client’s unit is out for calibration or repair.
ACQUIP created its Loyalty Program which grants special benefits on rental equipment to our loyal clients.
ACQUIP is currently working on a training academy to expand their educational offerings
ACQUIP is currently working on a new product for turbine alignment (Expected Fall 2020)
When the World stood still, ACQUIP pushed forward with solutions!

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ACQUIP recognized the potential impact on its operations, and those of our clients and partners, and immediately developed a contingency plan to ensure uninterrupted services despite potential restrictions and lockdowns. ACQUIP developed a technical, operational and logistical grid to assist the quick manufacture of ventilators and upstream components for critical medical equipment needed during the covid 19 crisis. Throughout the pandemic, ACQUIP developed and deployed remote tech support solutions to provide assistance to clients in locations where physical entry was restricted due to COVID-19 regulations. ACQUIP augmented reality tools, quick access technical templates and quick guides to troubleshoot and resolve time critical technical issues remotely for those clients. Additionally, ACQUIP expanded its training offerings to accommodate the demand during the lockdown. And last but not least, ACQUIP acquired the KinAiry System, to support NIST IR-80161 and ASME B89 Interim Calibration Checks on Laser Tracker and meet NADCAP Laser Tracker Audit requirements. This system allowed us to be fully operational with our Laser Tracker fleet, and ensure accuracy and reliability of each system used in laser alignment services and tool rentals. This enabled ACQUIP to offer calibration services to other laser tracker owner clients to keep their systems up to date on certification during a time where such support was restricted or unavailable.
ACQUIP formulated a comprehensive strategy to expand its presence worldwide. Reorganized and restructured assets and footprint in Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. Our local presence allows us to support service work and rental services in these regions more effectively, easily and securely. ACQUIP has developed tailored services and solutions to meet the specific requirements and preferences of customers in each region. ACQUIP implemented robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to track performance and impact of post-covid demand using key performance indicators such as customer feedback, recommendations, and overall client retention.
ACQUIP is in process of producing a game changing, innovative tool designed to meet the demand for diaphragm alignment. Coming soon 2025.
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